Dear Andra, We are satisfied with your services more than our expectations. Particularly, Your and Ms.Corina’s positive, professional and friendly approach are very important for us. Whenever we need a support, request or clarification related visa issues, we know that we will get right information from MPSRO. And, Be sure, we will recommend MPSRO everybody with pleasure.
10 Nov 2020
ILGAZ İnşaat Ticaret A.Ş. / ILGAZ Construction Co
"At a time when the market is so thirsty for labor and the need to absorb external labor is so obvious, large companies are extremely bidding by recruitment companies. Therefore, the selection process of the ideal collaborator for us was long and very detailed. We decided to collaborate with MPS because they answered professionally from the first discussions, we received answers to all questions, the prices were competitive and always transparent and the unanimous endorsement given by all MPS customers I contacted was very relevant and important to us. That's how we joined them and today we are sure that we made the right choice. "
9 Jul 2020
Our collaboration with Multi Professional Solutions was an excelent proof of professionalism, giving us from the beginning safety and confidence that our intention to benefit from the Asian workforce will come true. The whole course of the collaboration was a serious one and focused on achieving our goals.
18 Mar 2020
Ana Sevan, Agrodin Trade SRL
We have worked very good with the Multi Professional Solutions team, appreciating the availability, flexibility and adaptability they have demonstrated in a new project for our company. The recruitment process for the external staff has been reduced as complexity due to the professionalism that you have shown coming with quick solution for the problems that appeared during the recruitment process. Thank you and we trust in our created partnership and in the future we will recommend you to other collaborators.
12 Mar 2020
Razvan Girbina/ S.C. Diana SRL
“Our company has started the collaboration with Multi Professional Solutions since the beginning of 2019 for the locations in Timișoara and Cluj Napoca. In time, we appreciated the professionalism, the correct information transmitted and the readiness of the team to answer to our questions or to offer solutions to unexpected situations. Regarding the experience with the recruited candidates from Nepal for the two locations, we are very pleased with their willing they execute the activities and their abilities to finish their task in time. "
12 Mar 2020
Andreea Simionovici Belleville Gardens/ Light Cleaning
Alongside Multi Professional Solutions we discovered professional and involved people, willing to offer both excellent services and unlimited support so that things can go well throughout the contract too.
10 Mar 2020
Cristina Costea, Agro Midacris SRL
We are working with the manpower recruitment company Multi Professional Solutions since the end of 2018; they helped us to find the staff we needed and I want to congratulate you for your involvement and for the attention shown in the selection process. Our collaboration was an exceptional one for Speed Pizza, each of the initiated projects ending according to our expectations and we really appreciate the dedication of the MPS representatives, their flexibility in the development of the projects as well as their availability to properly handle any element of surprise occurred. The MPS team has proved to be truly devoted to their profession, especially when it comes to satisfying the needs of their clients.
10 Mar 2020
Bianca Sergentu, Speed Pizza
We started the collaboration with MPS about one year ago, when our company decided to solve the labor market deficit trough an external solution, the Asian market. It was an extremely ambitious and complex project in which we would not have succeeded on our own. We found in MPS a real business partner. This partnership has made things much easier and more efficient for us. Every time we received a prompt and effective response and with their help, we managed to successfully integrate over 50 Asian workers into our team. Any company that starts such a project must choose an experienced partner and we highly recommend MPS specialists. Given our business expansion, we intend to continue to use the services of our MPS partners.
10 Mar 2020
Jerry’s Pizza
Multi Professional Solutions is an excellent partner for us: professional and dedicated to workforce recruitment services. This collaboration brought us added value, improving our work through constant support and transparent activity. We recommend MPS for all that means qualified and viable personnel recruitment services, taking into considerations the difficult conditions of the current Romanian labor market.
10 Mar 2020
David Paggio, Sushi Expert SRL
“I started working with Multi Professional Solutions in 2018, starting from the desire to hire qualified staff, willing to work long term in the Corsa International & Company SRL team. Ever since the first interactions, the MPS team has proven professionalism, giving us all the information we needed to understand the process of selection and hiring of candidates, as well as the stages of obtaining the necessary documentation to stay legally in the territory of our country. I found within the Multi Professional Solutions a strong team and very involved in all the situations we encountered in collaboration with foreign citizens. I highly recommend the MPS team for the dedication they demonstrate and for the respect with which they treat the demands of the future employer. "
13 Nov 2019
Stelian Grosu, Corsa International & Company SRL
"At a time when the market is so thirsty for the workforce, and the need for absorption of the external workforce is so obvious, the big companies are extremely offered by the recruitment firms. Therefore, the selection process of the ideal collaborator, for us, was long and very detailed. We decided to collaborate with MPSRO because they answered with professionalism from the first discussions, we received answers to all the questions, the prices were competitive and always transparent, and the unanimous agreement given by all the MPSRO clients, which I contacted, it was very relevant and important to us. So we joined them, and today we are sure that we have made the right choice. "
13 Nov 2019
Ioana Iliescu, AD Auto Total