Travel to Nepal to recruit workers


We have just returned from our most recent trip to Nepal. There, our colleague Corina held practical interviews and tests for staff recruitment. Nepal is one of the areas that offers us workers who speak english, hardworking and proficient in different fields of activity. Among many positions for HORECA,we also recruited 100 people for the position of warehouse worker, a request that came after a pilot project of the largest auto parts distributor in Romania. Our recruitment process is based on visits to Asia and direct interviews. We carry out our activity in this way to provide our clients with a quality workforce suitable for their business.

How is going the recruitment process in Asia?

Workers interview

The first step in the direct recruitment of Asian workers is the interview. During the interview, we identify the level of English, the communication skills and the attitude of those who want to work in Romania. Depending on the clients, the interviews may also include specific questions of the field of activity or regarding the qualifications that the workers have. Interviews are recorded video and audio.


Practical test

The practical test that Asian workers are required to pass is made to identify their abilities and skills in specific activities. Also, the tests are recorded audio and video to be presented to clients in Romania.

The experience in the field of recruitment of workers in Asia recommends us for the quality of the services, the knowledge of the specific of each country and the professionalism with which we carry out our activity.

To find out how you can employ Nepal workers, contact us!