The contingent of non-EU workers increases by 30,000 people


According with the statements made by representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Labor, the contingent of foreign workers from outside the European Union will be supplemented by 30,000 people. This will happen next year, informs Agerpres.

According to Paywell's analysis, Romania has one of the largest part of the inactive population in the European Union, and this is caused by the structure of the economy and by certain areas with a high level of social assistance.

The same study shows that most companies are considering importing Asian workers to cover their staff shortages. Most companies come from the Horeca field, construction or agriculture, where there is a strong need for unskilled or seasonal workers. However, employers are willing to provide employee development programs, preparing them for the massive digitization that follows in the next decade.

What did the representatives of the Ministry of Labor say?

According to the Ministry, the increase in the quota by law is 10,000 workers, from 2020 because Romania has a deficit of 100,000 workers. According to the data provided by the National Agency of the Labor Force, between January and August 2019, the employers repeatedly declared 97,003 vacancies, which means a monthly average of 12,125. In support of them, the Minister made the decision to supplement the contingent of foreign workers.


“By promoting legal migration for the benefit of the Romanian society as well as for the benefit of immigrants and their home states, the main objective of the Romanian authorities is to maximize the positive effects and to limit the negative effects of the migration for work purpose. Also, the present normative act ensures a control of the number of foreigners entering the territory of Romania and limits the number of detached foreign workers, for whom social insurance contributions are paid in the home state. "

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