Selection criteria - Horeca staff


Horeca domain it refers to the hotel industry and the food services, more specifically to units that prepare and serve drinks and food. The term Horeca was obtained by the syllabic abbreviation of the words Hotel, Restaurant and Catering. The personnel in this field do not require training, but this is, in most cases, an advantage. Our Human Resources specialists recruit personnel from Asia for the Horeca field, taking into consideration the following selection criteria:

1. Attitude

Especially in the case of restaurants, the attitude of the employees can make a difference. The owners of the restaurants declare that they want to offer their customers a pleasant experience, not just quality food and drink. They attach great importance to the atmosphere, the environment, but also the attitude that employees have towards clients. Their attitude must be a positive one, always with a smile and a calm and relaxed tone of voice.

2. Faster moving

If we refer to the staff who is not interact with the clients, they must be skilled and quick. Most employers want a positive and energetic attitude of the employees. If we are talking about kitchens, cooks or dishwashers, everyone has to be quick and efficient in their work. For these positions we recommend the Asian workers because they have a high degree of productivity, being diligent and respecting their duties seriously.

3. Physical condition

Physical form matters in the Horeca domain, in all sectors of activity. The high volume of work and the speed with every clients must be served, requires employees with good physical condition and dynamics. Adaptability to different environments and situations, but also pressure work is an important advantage. Our team, Multi Professional Solutions, offers Horeca staff recruitment and placement services. Due to the vast experience in the recruitment process, we know the specificity of each nationality and we can offer you the best solutions for your business. If you want to know more about us you can contact us by phone, through the website or within the International Indagra Fair 2019.

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