One of three Romanian employers plans to recruit workforce from abroad this year


The company Bestjobs conducted a survey among a sample of 242 companies from Romania on February 3-18, 2020 regarding employment intentions.

    The results are not surprising and confirm the lack of labor in the local market.

    Nearly a quarter of employers plan to hire staff abroad in the next period, and another 11% say they have already taken steps in this problem. At the same time, 22% of companies do not exclude this option, the survey shows.

    Over 70% of companies say that the main reason for recruiting foreign employees is the lack of specialized workforce in the local market. Other important reasons for the import of personnel are: the low productivity of the Romanian employees (36% of the respondents) or the high wage demands in relation to the job requirements or the aptitudes of the candidates (27% of the respondents).

The main positions for which companies in the local market would appeal to employees from abroad are those of unskilled workers (45% of employers), engineers / specialists in various fields (41%), skilled workers (33%), but also positions in IT&C. (12%) or management (8%).