How we work ?


The steps to be followed for the purpose of hiring and placement are the following:


Presentation of CVs and selection of future employees;


We fully analyze the needs of your company, as well as the requirements regarding recruitment.


We select the future employees with you or your company representatives based on their CVs, as well as interviews via the Internet or directly in the country of origin.


If desired, you can organize your travel to the country of origin of the employees in order to select them personally.


Signing of the service contract


Preparation of the job description


Submitting to us the documentation required to prepare the file in order to obtain the Work Authorization


Obtaining the favorable opinion from the General Inspectorate for Immigration, issuing the work permit in the country of origin of the employees and obtaining the long stay visa for employment


Arrival of employees


Carrying out medical tests related to the occupied position


Obtaining the residence permit in Romania


Renewal of residence permit (one year after arrival in Romania)