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Multi Professional Solutions SRL offers employers from different sectors complete recruitment and employment services for Asian and foreign construction workers.

For over 10 years we have placed workers in fields such as: HORECA, constructions, factories, agriculture, IT, automotive and transport. We import labor from countries such as: Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines.


“I started working with Multi Professional Solutions in 2018, starting from the desire to hire qualified staff, willing to work long term in the Corsa International & Company SRL team. Ever since the first interactions, the MPS team has proven professionalism, giving us all the information we needed to understand the process of selection and hiring of candidates, as well as the stages of obtaining the necessary documentation to stay legally in the territory of our country. I found within the Multi Professional Solutions a strong team and very involved in all the situations we encountered in collaboration with foreign citizens. I highly recommend the MPS team for the dedication they demonstrate and for the respect with which they treat the demands of the future employer. "
Stelian Grosu, Corsa International & Company SRL
"At a time when the market is so thirsty for the workforce, and the need for absorption of the external workforce is so obvious, the big companies are extremely offered by the recruitment firms. Therefore, the selection process of the ideal collaborator, for us, was long and very detailed. We decided to collaborate with MPSRO because they answered with professionalism from the first discussions, we received answers to all the questions, the prices were competitive and always transparent, and the unanimous agreement given by all the MPSRO clients, which I contacted, has was very relevant and important to us. So we joined them, and today we are sure that we have made the right choice. "
Ioana Iliescu, AD Auto Total
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