Manpower from Asia

Lack of manpower is acting like a break for the economical growth of Romania and is blocking the expansion of many local companies. Given this background, we offer you manpower from Asia. 


Immigration services

Our clients can be local companies or foreigners that live temporary or permanent in Romania for work or as family members of Romanian citizens. 



Creating the exact profile of the candidate you are looking for, job description and general employment conditions  


Manpower from Asia

Multi Professional Solutions SRL provides complete personnel recruitment and placement solutions for employers across diverse segments.
Regardless of volume, be it individual placement or within your company, we take care to provide you qualified personnel according to your requirements. It is our duty to obtain all the necessary approvals you need in order to hire Asian personnel in Romania.
With a strong operative system, global resources and experience, we are offering you the solution for saving time and material resources, while making you sure of a perfect match between your needs and our solution.


Placement steps

In order to hire and place foreigners, we have to follow a few steps

Legal Framework

We offer personnel recruitment and placement services, according to the Romanian state legislation in force. details »

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